Some major manufacturers install proprietary equipment that is designed specifically for the installing
manufacturer. This equipment is not universal and other elevator companies can sometimes only service the
elevator to a certain extent because they may not be able to troubleshoot, replace parts, or obtain diagnostic
tools or software that are available only to the company who installed the elevator. American Crescent
Elevator Corp. only installs universal elevator equipment that is equipped with on   board diagnostics and is
field programmable, not requiring the owner to incur the expensive costs of purchasing diagnostic tools or
worse yet, making the manufacturer of the equipment the only company able to maintain your elevator and
thereby naming their price for maintenance. This leaves you the owner, held hostage and unable to 'shop'
maintenance pricing for a fair price from a number of maintenance companies. Universal equipment is
designed so that the unit can be fully serviced and parts are readily available to any elevator company.
To avoid proprietary equipment, when soliciting bids for any elevator related projects, be sure to specify NON
PROPIETARY EQUIPMENT in the job specifications to allow any & all elevator companies to service the